GOP Lobbyist

From Holden:

A couple of days ago I heard the Bloated Addict complain that the Liberal Media was unfairly portraying Jack Abramoff to be a GOP lobbyist. Any honest person who has been awake for the past five years knows that portrayal is accurate, but E. J. Dionne Jr. has tracked down some juicy quotes for the likes of Limpbutt.

On an Oct. 15, 2003, CNBC broadcast, journalist Alan Murray asked Ed Gillespie, then chairman of the Republican National Committee, about fundraising by “people like Jack Abramoff, who represents Indian tribes here,” and another lobbyist whose name I’ll leave out because he has not been implicated in any scandals. “Are you going to sit here and tell us that their contributions to your party have nothing to do with their lobbying efforts in Washington?”

“I know Jack Abramoff,” Gillespie replied. He mentioned the other lobbyist and insisted: “They are Republicans; they were Republicans before they were lobbyists. . . . I think they want to see a Republican reelected in the White House in 2004 more than anything.”

Roll Call reported on March 12, 2001, that “GOP leaders on and off Capitol Hill are organizing a new drive to lean on major corporations and trade associations to hire Republicans for their top lobbying jobs.” The article spoke of a “Who’s Who of Republican lobbyists” who had held a meeting on the subject the week before. At the top of the list was Jack Abramoff.


“What the Republicans need is 50 Jack Abramoffs,” his friend Grover Norquist told National Journal in 1995. “Then this becomes a different town.”