Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Blogistically speaking, Chimpy is the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday he stumbled his way to Mississippi.

Maybe He Should Stop Looking in the Mirror

My first observation is, it’s good to see — to be able to look in people’s eyes and not see them all bloodshot.

Brownie Watch Plus Bonus Grammatical hara-kiri

But the truth of the matter is, the person who deserve the biggest compliment, in my judgment, is the man who brought the will of the Mississippi people, the needs of the Mississippi people up to Washington and fashioned one heck of a piece of legislation for the people of this important state — thank you, Governor, for your hard work.

He Is Your “Holla Back Girl”

I can remember people hollering for trailers. We became the largest consumer of trailers probably in the history of mankind.

Thoughtus Interruptus

And the manufacturing is making — we put cruise ships out at one point to help people house on a temporary basis — particularly in New Orleans, so that we could get the police and the firefighters a place to stay, so they could do their job.

Oh, the Humanity

We’re trying to bridge from being an evacuee to a person in a place until their own home gets ready to move into.

Door-Stop Stupid

Congress did a smart thing, in my judgment — was to provide tax incentives for businesses who are in this part of the world. They provide tax incentives for small businesses to expense up to $200,000 of investment and private — and incentive for all businesses to provide a 50-percent bonus depreciation for investment made. What I’m telling you is, it’s kind of economic talk for saying, if somebody spends money in an investment in this part of the world, they get a tax incentive to do so.

Something Amazing Is Happening In His Privates

In other words, if you can get government out of the way, amazing things can happen sometimes in the private.