Psst. Ass Missile. Pantload. Over Here.

Tammy Duckworth would like to school you about the costs of making you feel good about yourselves.

Because of the nature of the combat injuries coming out of Iraq, wounded soldiers are needing long-term care of more than just a month or two. And there was nothing set up for them. We weren’t ready for it.


It’s the very little things, just daily living. For me, it was changing my sheets on my bed. How do you do that if you have no legs?

And the reason we weren’t ready for it? Well, I mean, Doug Feith said everything would be flowers and candy, right? I mean, by now we should have so much oil revenue coming in from Iraq that we could buy every wounded soldier his or her own nursing home! Not to mention the fact that this whole thing was gonna be such a cakewalk, Norman Podhoretz, that we wouldn’t really have any wounded soldiers at all. I mean, maybe one or two, but hey, freedom isn’t free, right Jonah? Tell me about it one more time from the comfort of the NRO offices.

I swear to God, half the stuff that comes out of the wingersphere, my only response is that I’d pay these guys ten bucks a pop to say it to Tammy Duckworth’s face.