To The Max

Gotta say, loving Max Baucus a little bit here:

Before Senate Democrats met to discuss the nomination, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., emerged from a morning meeting with Alito and said he would vote against President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee as too far outside the mainstream of judicial thinking.

“He’s just not right for Montana, he’s just not right for America,” Baucus said. “He’s very polished and he answered all of the questions I was going to ask. There is just a little too much inconsistency.”

Baucus said he is concerned that Alito leans toward giving too much power to the executive branch and has wavered on the right to privacy. He said he was also concerned about Alito’s membership in Concerned Alumni of Princeton, which discouraged the admission of women and minorities at the Ivy League school.

But only a little bit.

Filibuster, Max! C’mon! What’ve you got to lose that possibly compares to what we’ve got to lose with a rubber stamp for the Imperial Presidency?