Another Turkish child has died of the H5N1 influenza, bringing the worldwide death toll from avian influenza to 80 in the 3 years since the WHO and CDC started watching this particular virus.

Here are lists the US government wants you to use as you prepare for a pandemic influenza outbreak. Should such an outbreak occur, the government wants you to know, you can expect your childrens’ schools to be shut down; you should expect public transportation and other public utilities — things like water, electricity, sewer service — to fail.

You’re supposed to be ready for a total breakdown of medical care, societal norms, and all the ordinary aspects of infrastructure we nearly take for granted. Sound like chaos? It should — or like an excuse to declare martial law.

The government wants you to stockpile food and drinking water, medications and supplies; arrange to work from home or save enough money to get by if you cannot work; prepare for the shutdown of supermarkets, public hearings, business operations, sporting events and church services, all in service of “protecting Americans.”

This influenza virus has now killed 80 people in three years, which makes it a much bigger threat than HIV/AIDS.

In the fight against bird flu, expect the government to take every possible measure to protect you (including confiscating and destroying your pets and/or livestock) … But providing education on safe sex, clean needles, and condoms is too “immoral” to contemplate despite how many more lives could be saved if we really and realistically responded to HIV/AIDS.