Voice in the Wilderness

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comes John Conyers’ opening statement on the hearings into the NSA’s illegal spying on Americans yesterday, part of which I quote —

The Bush Administration offers two arguments to justify their actions. ,First, they assert, that warrantless searches were authorized by the Afghanistan use of force resolution. Second, they say, the Constitution permits and even mandates such actions. To this member and indeed to most of our nation’s legal community, neither argument is remotely plausible or credible.

… Perhaps what is most troubling of all is that if we let this domestic spying program continue, if we let this president convince us that we are at war, so he can do what he wants, we will allow to stand the principle that the president alone can decide what laws apply to him. I submit that is not only inconsistent with the principles upon which our Republic was founded, it denigrates the very freedom we have been fighting for since the tragic events of September 11.

At least one of our guys is trying.

Go read; and then show him some love via email, phone, letters to the editors of your local paper, and yes, the old-fashioned hard-copy, buy-a-stamp mail.

We need to reward good behavior.