Free Paul Krugman!

From Holden:

Jeebus, I hate linking to Mickey Louse but I’ve been praying for the early demise of Times Select since it was launched.

TimesSelect Hitting the Wall: On November 9, 2005 the New York Times announced that its new TimesSelect service had attracted approximately 135,000 paying Web subscribers (i.e., people who weren’t getting the service for free as print subscribers). Today, two month’s later, the Times reported it has attracted 156,000 paying Web subscribers, according to E&P’s relentless Joe Strupp. Doesn’t this mean TimesSelect has gained only 21,000 subscribers in the past two months, after attracting 135,000 in the first two months? I think it does!


Today the paper announced a 50% price cut for college students, faculty, artists, writers, alumni, Kerry voters, and people with brown eyes or putty-colored computers. … If they just cut the price one more time by the same amount, they’ll hit the sweet spot!

Tear down the wall!