Hostage Situation: Saturday Galactica Thread

There’s my girl.

You know the drill. Come inside and discuss how the show seems to be getting back on track. Spoilers lurk.

Quick takes:

Billy! You frackers, he was one of my favorites! And oh, the heartbreaking and sublime nerdiness of proposing to Dualla with his debate team ring. Way to make me fall a little more in love with him before killing him, you assholes.

Starbuck! There’s my Starbuck, my go-straight-at-’em, fracked-up, gutsy, sexy bitch of a girl. Welcome back.

Ellen! Why was Ellen there? It seemed to affect Tigh only in increasing the volume of his usual bitchiness by a notch or so. I mean, other than that Ellen’s a Cylon, clearly. And had a dry ice margarita. I wonder if I can make those at home.

Dualla! You h0r! I get that you were thrown by Billy’s marriage proposal but come on, you owed him a little more than “I can’t” and then a pout on Cloud Nine, okay?

What? There was a hostage situation? Huh? I didn’t care. Dana Delaney is still gorgeous after all these years since I saw her on China Beach and went out and got her haircut then (tragic adolescent mistake). Beyond that, didn’t really register.

This episode felt much less disjointed from the larger plotlines, due to the inclusion of pregnant Sharon, wireless communications (just like the apocalypse can’t kiil cockroaches, it can’t kill the equivalent of Rush Limbaugh), fracked-up Starbuck vacationing off-ship with … who? Anybody? A good book? Her very own Six? Plus there was Laura still wanting to knock off the Cylon and Billy grounding her in reality.

But seriously, this is the show I love. I love where they’re going with Adama and Sharon, the trust being established and then ripped away at every meeting, the way she’s the voice of his deepest doubts about himself and his mission, which if it’s deliberate may be the most subtle form of manipulation the Cylons have yet employed. I don’t know if I buy that Sharon’s betrayed the Cylons. I think she may have turned away from them, but other than to poor dumb Helo, I don’t think her loyalty has been attached to the humans either. She’s drifting, and she’s pulling Adama out to sea.

Mary McDonnell was magnificent in that last scene, bereaved matriarch of this weird little family, and Billy the beloved son. That, too, is the show I love: the people who are left at the end of the world, and how they fit into their roles and don’t. Slowly, for Laura, as for everybody else, everything just gets stripped away. Billy and Dualla originally came together because hell, if you’re what I’ve got, then you’re what I’ll take, and in the midst of an apocalypse you can afford to love what’s in front of you and not think too hard about any of it. But they’re settling into reality now, into some kind of day to day, and in that light it doesn’t work, it’s not enough. And maybe what killed me about that scene on Cloud Nine is how ordinary it was, how it could have taken place on a hundred other shows and has, but on this one, there’s this undercurrent of the earth caving in and that affects every decision, even the stupid and romantic ones.