Republican Hunting Flashback

From Holden:

At least when Chimpy had his hunting mishap he only killed a member of a protected species.

Six years earlier, while campaigning against incumbent Gov. Ann Richards, Bush thought it would be a great photo opportunity to show the people of Texas that he was the bold epitome of Lone Star Macho, a fearless take-charge kind of guy who could sight-in on any kind of problem. So, he and his gaggle of aides staged a dove hunt to attract the reporters and photographers. He flushed that bird. He looked. He aimed. He shot. Blasted that dove right out of the sky. At least he thought it was a dove. Turns out the bird was really a killdeer, protected by federal law. An embarrassed Bush, who obviously couldn’t distinguish a 10-inch long brown-and-white bird with two black bands and a loud and constant whistle from a long greyish/white bird that coos—paid a fine for his stupidity.