Liveblogging Chertoff Testimony

From Scout:

Well WTF CSPAN??? They are not covering the hearing. UPDAET: OK they have it now

So have to rely on CNN

Sen Collins is now reading opening statement

UPDATE: Chertoff sworn in and begins his statement

UPDATE: Chertoff denies they were detatched saying “we were acutely aware of Katrina and the threat it poased”

UPDATE: Chertoff putting it back on Brownie saying he asked if he had what he needed on Sun before landfall and Brownie said yes

UPDATE: Interruption from someone in the crowd! It is a pastor asking why people are being evicted

UPDATE: Collins questioning. Why was Brownie appointed to head up response given his open disdain for National Response Plan? Chertoff said he was astonished by Brownie’s testimony last week.Blah Blah if I’d know then what I know now it had been a different decision

UPDATE: Collins to Chertoff she remembers you seemed “curiously disengaged to me” at the time. Why did you go to CDC for avian flu meeting on Tuesday? Chertoff- States he knew of substantial breach at 7AM on Tuesday.I had hardware capability to communicate so I went to CDC.

UPDATE: Lieberman up. By Sun pm it was clear a loaded gun was pointed at NOLA.Lieberman pointing out the things Chertoff didn’t do that he was suppose to do under NRP (ex..appoint PFO, appoint law enforcement head, get transport for exacuation) Chertoff–Bush declared an Emergency so NRP automatically goes into effect so that’s why he didn’t formally declare what NRP says he should

UPDATE: Chertoff acknowledges did not call Dept. of Transportation and ask to see plan for bus evacuation and says wasn’t his responsibility to do so. Sen. Warner up now and praising Chertoff

UPDATE: Warner focusing on what to do in future and the only bright spots…Coast Guard and Gen. Honouree (?) Perhaps he will talk of kittens and puppies next

UPDATE: Asks if trailer stories we hear are accurate? Chertoff answer focuses on trying to avoid fraud by people in getting a trailer. Sheesh

UPDATE: Sen. Dayton talking about cronyism in awarding contracts. Chertoff–avoids this and talks about the Trailers!

UPDATE: Dayton asks about FEMA worker who informed them of levee break on Monday. Chertoff-Says no one told me but then says the 6AM report did get to him. Interesting that Chertoff carefully slips in the important admissions.

UPDATE: Norm Coleman up When did you know NOLA under water? Chertoff–6AM Tuesday and when he said Tuesday afternoon on interview with Russert he was tired from lack of sleep and mis-spoke

UPDATE: White House knew Monday nite and you didn’t…Chertoff–Email is bad way to communicate

UPDATE: Norm blaming Chertoff for letting Bush say “Brownie you’re doing a heck of a job” when Brown was in over his head. Chertoff–Brownie was doing best he could but began to re-evaluate that. Norm is sickening. If Cheney ever shoots off buckshot at Bush, Norm will be there to place his body in front of Bush

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From Scout:

UPDATE:Sen. Prior focusing on trailers. Can tell they’ve has been watching news.(seems a bit like pandering) Chertoff says he is not sure of the procurement process for trailers. Sheesh. No one seems to really be calling Chertoff on his crap. So far this is disappointing

Chertoff says Powell is working with Baker regarding Baker bill. Chertoff says he has no position on Baker bill

UPDATE: Levin up now after Bennett’s tongue bath of Chertoff.Asks about Bush….”no one anticipated breach in levees” Chertoff- – Well Bush meant he was surprised on Tuesday like Chertoff was. Levin calling him on not knowing Monday nite of breach even though there were numerous communications directly to his operation that it had been.Chertoff–my op center did not give me reports it had been breached. Levin–who is responsible for not telling you. Chertoff–blaming email again. Levin–the info was coming in Monday AM. Chertoff–some info never got to center. Info was conflicting. Levin sticking with it….who’s responsible? Anyone held accountable? Chertoff–Keeps bringing up General Broderick. Ah I’d say Chertoff just threw the General under the bus

UPDATE: Akakaka up. Chertoff says that Rhode (young and inexperienced) was not really in charge but a long time FEMA vet named Ken Burris (sp?)

UPDATE: Lautenberg asking how on Earth Bush could say Brownie you’re doing a heck of a job”. Chertoff–“Everyone was tired, had very little sleep and working away from their homes”….My God Bush had been on VACATION!

UPDATE: Chertoff has to leave to appear before House. Agrees to answer any written questions submitted. This was a bust…..very disappointing