The Gaggle Beer Question Betting Pool

From Holden:

Step right up and place your bets!

Who will be the first intrepid reporter to ask Little Scottie if Dick Cheney had been drinking when he blasted Harry Whittington in the face with his shotgun?

Here are some of the players with odds calculated by your favorite obsessive gaggle observer.

Helen Thomas, Hearst Syndicate

Odds: 7:1

Breakdown: Helen has yet to ask any questions about Cheney’s hunting incident, but she can usually be counted on to stick it to Scottie and generate a reaction.

David Gregory, NBC News

Odds: 4:1

Breakdown: Gregory is the favorite, he’s been unrelenting on this issue (maybe he hates to be scooped by a local reporter from a paper with a hyphenated masthead).

Suzanne Malveaux, CNN

Odds: 15:1

Breakdown: Although she has asked a couple of pointed questions recently, Malveaux’s track record indicates that her deference to All Things Bush will prevent her from asking such an impertinent question.

Bill Pante, CBS News

Odds: 7:1

Breakdown: Plante has been in the business long enough to notice when someone farts in an elevator, he just might be willing to buck his corporate editors this time.

April Ryan, American Urban Radio Networks

Odds: 13:1

Breakdown: An independnet-minded reporter who has pressed Scottie in the past, it’s unclear whether Ryan is savvy enough to figure out the alcohol angle.

Carl Cameron, FOX News

Odds: 100:1

Breakdown: FOX News? FOX News?!?! Are you kidding me?

Raghubir Goyal, India Globe and Asia Today

Odds: 5,000:1

Breakdown: Goyal has never asked a question that did not invovle India or Pakistan. Never. Not once.

Les Kinsolving, World Net Daily

Odds: 10:1

Breakdown: Les is the darkhorse candidate. Typically subservient to the various causes of the Right, particularly the homophobic faction, Les has been known to press Scottie on an uncomfortable topic, such as the President’s views on contraception. Les just might surprise us here.