Now There’s My Crazy Space Show: Galactica Thread


Spoilers lurk within. Enter at your own risk.

Does it make me a bad liberal to say I don’t think Roslin is entirely wrong when it comes to the abortion question? Should women, overall, have to surrender their bodies and become baby factories for the good of the fleet? Of course not. But (and bear with me here, or at least wait till the end of the paragraph before you throw rotten fruit) EVERYBODY in the fleet is having, to some extent, to subordinate his or her desires to the good of the larger society and the mitigation of the unbelievably crap situation in which they now find themselves. There are sacrifices being made all over, and until the Cylons come up with a way to knock up men, it is the women who have to deal with this problem. I can see her point in this, looking at sheer numbers. She’s all about that total on the board, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s stopped thinking of them en masse beyond that number. Though giving asylum to the Geminon girl and telling the Geminon pol to fuck off does seem to disprove that.

Frankly, I’m surprised the issue hasn’t come up before. I don’t particularly look forward to the entire presidential campaign being about abortion because, dude, I’ve seen that movie. I liked it better when we were arguing about coffee and water, things worth rioting over, or when the metaphors were a little less anvil-shaped. And FUCK YOU, BALTAR, for being on my side even remotely, and using this to manipulate the voters. Get off my side. You’re making my side feel slimy.

That fanwank out of the way, can I just say how glad I am to have my show back? We’ve got continuity, we’ve got multiple storylines, we’ve got Adamas pere et fils ripping my goddamn heart out with the way they act around each other, like we weren’t sure they loved one another without one more scene of the Admiral so very choked up. Lee’s commanding a Battlestar? Awesome. Space fights? Awesome. John Heard as yet another species of Pegasus freak, the “no really, I’m in charge, see my shiny badge?” variety? Awesome.

Dualla’s a ho (pretty, but a ho), but who cares, we got Starbuck. Crazy, sexy, shoot-’em-up Starbuck, who Lee still loves even after she shot him. Landing her Viper upside down, turning around and laughing as she blows some toasters to hell? SO AWESOME. Her insubordination I found a little more surprising, but I wish she could stay on Pegasus with Lee. Not because I think they’re in TWU WUV or anything, I just like seeing them give each other shit and back each other up. I think they’re stronger together than they are apart and it hurts to see them get split up.

Oh, and one last thing on the John Heard character? I’ve worked for a couple of people like that, the kinds who always have to remind you of their position because they have no other way of commanding respect but by title. Worst. Bosses. Ever. If you do something well, you’re trying to show them up. If you do something badly you’re trying to undermine them. It’s all about them and so there’s really nothing you can do that’ll ever make them happy. I know the Pegasus crew is a bunch of tools and Chipsters, but they sure didn’t deserve three head cases in a row.