The WATB on the Court

From Holden:

Antonin Scalia is just another Whiny-Ass Titty-Baby Republican.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia grew tired of a persistent heckler Tuesday and asked organizers of a legal seminar to do something about the outbursts – gently.


It was unclear what Aaron Yule, 23, of Boston, was asking when Scalia turned to organizers and said, “Can you, somebody …”

Earlier, a microphone had been snatched from the man’s hand when he tried to engage the justice in debate. Scalia had asked him whether he had a question, “apart from insults.”

After the man left, Scalia answered questions for about 15 minutes but repeatedly declined to engage anyone who asked questions, even of an apparently friendly nature, that he felt were not related to his topic – the use of foreign law by U.S. courts.


Topics raised by questioners ranged from U.S. policy in the Middle East to Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent hunting expedition during which he shot at a quail but wounded a companion. Scalia and Cheney have hunted together.