See Scottie Spin

From Holden:

It has become common knowledge that only about 5% of the containers that enter the US through are ports are actually inspected.

But yesterday Little Scottie claimed that 100% of the containers are inspected. Which is true if by “inspected” you mean that someone looked at the manifest of the ship that carried the container.

Q You talked about checking cargo and that they say they’ll allow cargo to be checked. There’s clearly not the manpower to check cargo. About 5 percent to 7 percent coming in this country are ever checked. So what does the U.S. need for this company to do? Hiring and firing? Do they vet people? Do you know all that?

MR. McCLELLAN: This is the company that manages the terminals. They’ll manage the terminals —


Under the Container Security Initiative, the Customs and Border Patrol inspects 100 percent of all high-risk containers. And they do that at foreign ports before they’re loaded on to the ship and headed to the United States. A hundred percent of all cargo is screened, using intelligence and using cutting-edge technology. Technology is very important. Technology is very important —

Q — all of it —

MR. McCLELLAN: No, 100 percent of cargo is screened. There’s a 24-hour rule in place. The Customs and Border Patrol is required to screen manifest a day before cargo arrives. So what we’re doing is pushing out the security before that cargo comes to our shores. And then I also mentioned the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, how that’s been implemented and how we have more than 7,000 companies participating in that.