Our Man Hadley

From Holden:

Stephen Hadley, the current National Security Advisor who took the blame for sixteen of the lies in Chimpy’s 2003 State of the Union address and is up to his eyeballs in the criminal conspiracy to reveal Valerie Plame’s status as a covert CIA agent participated in a press briefing late Friday regarding Chimpy’s upcoming trip to India and Pakistan.

Regarding the decision to turn over 21 US ports to the Emirate of Dubai, Hadley revealed that the Assministration’s decisoin is final and the 45-day review requested by DPW is just for show.

Q I need to ask about port security and the delay that Dubai Ports World has now proposed, in cooperation with the White House. Can you tell us what that delay is for and what it is not for?

MR. HADLEY: My understanding is that the company is proposing an arrangement whereby some additional time occurs before they take control of the ports, the U.S. ports that are at issue.


Q You realize that lawmakers have suggested that the time should be spent with an additional extra review. Is that what it is not for?

MR. HADLEY: Well, in terms of the administration and executive branch process, that process has been completed. There was a lot of work that was done before the company filed its notice through — it was then a review conducted in the 30-day period. And at the end of the day, no agency indicated that they had a national security problem, and therefore, the company was informed that the administration’s process would go no further. So that process is over. But, of course, there are questions raised in the Congress, and what this delay allows is for those questions to be addressed on the Hill.

Q They can discuss it, but you’re not going to reopen it?

MR. HADLEY: There’s nothing to reopen. In terms of the CFIUS process, it’s been completed.

And his views on Guantanamo? Simply disgusting.

Q Just before leaving to India, President Bush will receive for breakfast Prime Minister Berlusconi. Which is the meaning of this visit for President Bush? And will President Bush have announcement to the request yesterday by Prime Minister Berlusconi to close Guantanamo?

MR. HADLEY: The significance is that the Prime Minister was going to be in town and asked to see the President. Italy and the United States are strong allies, and the President and the Prime Minister are good friends and have a good relationship. And he was going to be in town, and the President, of course, wanted to see him.

In terms of Guantanamo, obviously, this is something known to all of you. This is something that is an element of the war on terror, and people have said publicly, at the end of the day we hope there can be no Guantanamos. That would certainly be a good thing. But we have a war on terror, and the President is committed to fighting and winning.

Thank you very much.