I Don’t Care

I like this game.

I see Atrios’s points about TV and music genre wanking, and raise him not caring about:

The Beatles. Yeah, yeah, revolutionary birth of a genre whatsis. Whatever. I’ll recognize their place in the musical hierarchy if you’ll stop trying to get me to enjoy their music. It makes me want to stab my eardrums with an ice pick, okay? And furthermore, maybe I would have come around to the Beatles on my own, but now? Now that you’ve spent months regaling me with your pictures and albums and stories and constant on and on-ing about how awesome they are? Now I’m gonna hate them just to spite you.

Rabid Jesus-ism. See the above. In this case, I may appreciate the singer but I’m never gonna join the fan club. The buttons suck and all you get for your dues is one lousy newsletter full of begats.

Those Maxine cartoons, with the bitchy old lady making menopause jokes. Long lists of jokes about how Husbands Is Teh Dumb. Those surveys about “Get to know your friends!” Actually, 98 percent of the stuff in my inbox, I don’t care about.

Arrested Development. See the Beatles, and Jesus.

Fairness. I’ll start caring about fairness in politics when wingnuts start caring about legality. So before you e-mail me being all that way about blah, blah, the Democrats are just as bad, ask yourself this question: Is she gonna tell me to bite her? And given that that’s my default position anyway, really ask yourself if you want that in your head today.

I think that’s about it. There’s a sort of generalized list of stuff I hate here, but this is really what I wish I could just make disappear.

What don’t you care about?