More Republican Values

From Holden:

I love it when Republicans fight among themselves.

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett is defending his use of unattributed legal statements in his application for the job, saying the document didn’t require the meticulous citations found in more formal law articles.

In August, the Republican was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to fill a vacancy on the state’s highest civil court. He now faces former Texas Supreme Court Justice Steven Wayne Smith in Tuesday’s primary election.

Smith said much of the writing in Willett’s application to Perry mirrors comments made by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and former U.S. Circuit Judge Robert Bork.

In his application, Willett wrote that “reality has surpassed parody.” In a book, Justice Scalia wrote, “Reality has overtaken parody.”


Willett insisted there was no need for attribution and said the anecdotes he used have become common legal expressions.

“This wasn’t an intensely footnoted law review article, judicial opinion or doctoral dissertation,” he said. “It was a conversational, earnest discussion of what I believe about the nature of judging and the limited role of the judiciary.”