We Were Born In The Nettles: Galactica Thread

Where’s home, from here? Come inside and let’s talk about the pretty and the rest of this amazing frackin’ show.

First, I missed the first ten minutes of this ep, so consider my comments starting from where Al from Quantum Leap showed up.


The president’s aide’s comment about people voting their hopes, and not their fears? Made me think of stuff we talk about here all the time, in that you vote whatever your strongest emotion is. Right now we don’t have anybody talking to us about our hopes, so we vote our fears, because that’s all they say to us, be afraid, be afraid, be afraid. We vote whoever’s talking loudest. Screw the intentions behind the volume.

Which is another fancy way of saying how skeezed out I am by hearing everything I agree with come out of the mouth of Gaius Fucking Baltar.

I like new Commander!Lee a lot better than I liked Angsty!Emo!DeathWish!Lee. I like seeing him strong and capable and the standalone episodes are starting to make sense now. This show has always had a very powerful sense of its people heading toward their most extreme at the speed of light, and you get the idea, seeing Lee in command and oh, Starbuck, so gorgeous and happy with Anders on Caprica, that this is what they’ve been getting ready for. It all tracks, it all makes sense, and the crazy thing is, this is what it’s like every frackin’ week.

Chief. Love. That’s all. He more than anyone else has been struggling with the idea of humanity. Helo’s made up his mind that Sharon’s just a human, that she’s just like a human and he loves her and so that’s how it is, everybody else is wrong. Chief’s still on the fence, I think, which is what makes his part in this so painful. Love.

NINETY MINUTES. Dude, what did I do in another life to deserve that next week?

And that’s all you’ll get out of me until Sunday when I get back home and watch it again.