You Gotta Pay to be Poor

From Tena:

Digby has the most amazing post; scroll down to “Don’t Fuck”:

I got a track-back from the blog “Responding To the Left” to the post below, specifically the story of the woman who had an abortion because she already had two small children and couldn’t afford another. I think it is an eloquent and honest representation of the way that many in the pro-life movement feel and it’s great to see it out in the open so we can begin to debate this thing honestly:

“I don’t really get it. I am supposed to feel sorry for this woman? Does Digby expect me to sympathize with her? I hope not, because she’s a selfish woman who was thinking only of herself.”


“Digby makes the wisecrack about her not having sex. I can only take from his comment, that he is like so many other’s of the same ilk who believe we’re all like jungle animals and have to hump when the mood strikes. Of course, that isn’t the case. People don’t walk down the street and just bump into each other and start screwing (unless it’s a Cinemax movie). We have the mental capacity to be able to take care of such business in private. We also have the ability to abstain. Nothing is going to happen to us if we don’t have sex.”

“And if you’re in a position like this woman, a low paying job and two kids already. Guess what? Don’t fuck.”

This pisses me off so much She’s saying: “the woman is poor so she should suffer. It doesn’t do for the poor to be enjoying life.”

If the anti-choice movement really wants to have an honest discussion, then the people in it are going to have to face the not so very hidden racism and contempt for the poor in their position. They don’t like to talk about that. They want to talk about little pre-born white Christian babies – the kind the impotent white Christians love to buy from poor young women with no other options. And “snowflake babies.” Snowflakes. It doesn’t get much whiter.

In fact, the anti-choice movement isn’t about anything other than selfishness, contrary to what Miss Tighttwat thinks. These people want to take every bit of joy and hold it captive for themselves. They actually believe they are entitled to it and that no one else is. And especially not those disgusting poor people and those brown and black people. Icky! You can read that in every goddamn line: They Are Icky and They Should Pay for It.

Digby is polite in his reply to this woman. I don’t feel that need at this remove. This uptight bitch is not the slightest bit interested in babies. No. What she’s all about is keeping those poor people in line. No cigarettes for them. No beer. And by god, they better not be caught fucking. They are poor and they have got to be reminded of that every goddamned second of their lives.

One more thing – I don’t think this little bitch has ever been in heat in her life. I don’t think she ever will be, either.