Spelling Pony with a Z

From Holden:

The latest from John Zogby:

President Bush’s job approval rating dipped slightly to 38% in the latest Zogby America telephone poll, conducted Feb. 27 to March 2, marking a small drop from 40% in a similar poll two weeks ago.

The survey also shows Democrats holding on to a six-point – 38% to 32% – advantage over Republicans in a generic measurement of which party is favored heading into this year’s midterm congressional elections. Twenty-eight percent said they were unsure.

Bush continues to show weakness among his political base, as more than one in four Republicans – 28% – give him poor marks for his performance. Among rural voters – another stronghold for the second-term Texan – 44% approve of his work leading the nation, while 42% of suburban voters and 45% of married voters said he is doing a good job. Among Conservatives, 60% give him positive marks, while three-quarters of those who consider themselves “very conservative” were pleased with the President’s work.

Just 27% of moderates gave him a positive job rating.

Among those who live in “Republican Red” states won by Bush in the 2004 presidential election, 43% hold a positive view of his job performance, compared to 30% of those in “Democratic Blue” states.