A lame duck in NOLA?

From Scout:

Bush just spoke in front of a broken levee by the 9th Ward. He did hit the 2 issues top on the minds of NOLA residents….levees and the buyout plan. But restoring or slightly improving the levees will not cut it. People want better safer Cat 5 levees.

And he did tell Congress they need to pass his $4.2 billion buyout plan for ruined NOLA residents. At present the House Appropriations Committee is eviserating his plan. It’s a story all over the Times Picayune.

But in a draft already put together by the committee’s chairman, Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., Bush’s intention to steer housing money to Louisiana was removed.

So where’s the threat of a veto as with the Dubai port deal for any bill that offers the residents of Louisiana anything less than the $4.2 billion Bush promised?

This would have been the time and place to deliver a tougher message to Congress. But Bush is looking more and more like a weak lame duck president and Congress like greedy dogs taking advantage. In the middle are the residents of Louisiana about to get screwed again.