Joe Wilson

From Holden:

Ambassador Joe Wilson spoke at Florida State University yesteday.

Wilson said if anyone believes Bush and his allies won’t improperly use national security data, culled now through eavesdropping on phone calls originating overseas: “I stand before you tonight as somebody who knows from from personal experience that this administration will take national security information and use it for political purposes . . . because they did it to Valerie and to me.”


U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice should “stop this globe-trotting in her thigh-high boots” and “get serious about getting together a concert of nations to sit around a big conference table.” Saying he believes Iraq is in a state of civil war, Wilson said only by bringing Sunni, Shiite and Kurd factions to the negotiating table, backed not just by the United States but other major powers, will a political solution to Iraq emerge.


“The way you support the armed forces of the U.S. is never send them off to die . . . unless American defense or security requires it,” Wilson said.

Jeff Sadosky, Florida Republican Party spokesman, said of Wilson: “True leadership is shown by results, not by blind partisan attacks by someone in an effort to increase book sales, who will say and do anything.” Sadosky, though, did not attend the speech.