How Will This Sit With The Fundies?

From Holden:

Via Froomkin:

Richard Johnson writes in the New York Post: “First Lady Laura Bush gave birth to twin daughters Jenna and Barbara only after taking powerful fertility drugs, according to a major new book. In ‘Laura Bush: An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady’ (Random House), best-selling author Ronald Kessler reports that, after trying for more than three years to have children after she married George W. Bush, Laura took clomiphene citrate, which induces ovulation and helps increase egg production and often leads to multiple births.

I really want to know. Abortion is bad, birth control is bad, but what about fertility drugs? Laura’s use of clomiphene citrate could have produced multiple eggs, some of which were fertilized yet did not become successfully attached to the uterine walls. What about those unborn children?