Whither Little Scottie?

From Holden:

I predicted months ago that Scott McClellan would resign his position as Chimpy’s mouthpiece in order to run his mom’s flagging gubernatorial campaign, and of course I have been wrong for months.

Now both ThinkProgress and Atrios are repeating a CNN rumor about Little Scottie’s pending departure.

So the question of the day is: If this rumor holds true, who will replace Little Scottie? With Terrence Trent d’Uffy’s recent resignation (talk about getting out while the getting is good!) there is really no one in the White House who can step up. I don’t think d’Uffy’s replacement as Deputy Press Secretary, Dana Peroxide, is up to the task. So my guess is they’ll bring in an outsider, probably a successful flack from one of the cabinet-level departments. Maybe they’ll go for someone with experience in journalism.

Hey, I hear Ben Domenech is looking for work.