ACTION ALERT: Send your Beads to Bush

From Scout:

Send your New Orleans Mardi Gras Beads to the President. Tell George we want New Orleans for another 300 years!”

OK this is your chance to take action. Yesterday I posted that the Army Corps of Engineers informed officials that they need an additional $6 billion to rebuild the levees for the New Orleans area. Bush is making no promises he will ask Congress for the funds. In fact his point man in NOLA indicated there will not be full funding. Levee funding is presently being decided in Congress. This appropriations bill will be debated after Congress’s spring recess.

In that time let’s be heard. Let’s deliver a message that George Can SEE.

Let’s go Wild with Levee Beads.

Send George Bush your beads with the message to set aside the funds for levee construction.

(Video is down)

If you can not view the above here it is:

Send some old or new Beads to George. (any ol beads will do)

Place them in an envelope and address it to:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Include this simple message:

Mr. President:

Please Take Responsibility and Set Aside the Necessary Funds for Levee Construction for our fellow Americans in Louisiana.

(Message changed 4/6/2006 due to this)

Sign it and include either a “Friend of New Orleans” or a “Resident of New Orleans”

If you can…. please take a picture of yourself packing your beads. Email it to and and we will post it to the Internets. (Ah need I say flash your beads only!)

With proper levee construction and wetland restoration people CAN live in New Orleans.

“Send your Levee beads to the President. Tell him we want New Orleans for another 300 years!”

UPDATE: Check out Spocko’s Package of Beads here Also his comment below.

UPDATE II: Go here to see the pictures of Beads that people are sending to Bush. and Send us your pic…send to