Win Your Own Damn Pony

From Holden:

Are you a pony-loving fluffit? Here’s your chance to prove it!

With so many things going pear-shaped during his administration, just how low can President Bush’s approval ratings drop? Take a wild guess at and you could end up smiling a whole lot more than Bush this year.


The online sports book and betting giant is laying odds on his approval rating percentage come 1 May 2006. And if you’re a fan of Bush and his policies, now’s the time to show your support.

The bet on George Bush is what’s termed an ‘overs or unders’ bet, meaning that your bet will either be for an approval rating of above 39% or below 39% on 1 May. The rating will be drawn directly from the polling average calculated and published by, an online aggregator of the major public opinion polls in the USA.

A spokesperson from <a href=" believes that Americans love betting on politics just as much as sports, “We’re committed to providing our customers with the opportunity to bet on all hot button items from sports, to politics to entertainment.” And if ever there were ‘hot button’ items, George W. Bush and America’s future are at the top of everyone’s list right now.

As of this writing the RelClearPolitics aggregate Bush approval rating is 38.3%. You may already be a pony-hoarding winner!