Russ Understands

That you don’t turn your guns on your friends, you turn them on your enemies:

I applaud Senator Kerry’s call today for our combat forces to be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of this year. Senator Kerry has been a strong leader in calling for a clear, coherent strategy to complete our military mission in Iraq while engaging Iraq’s leaders with genuine diplomacy. Having just visited Iraq last month, I witnessed the desperate need for Iraqi politicians to form a unity government to prevent the country from falling deeper into violence. Senator Kerry is absolutely right to say that the end of this year is a reasonable target date for redeploying our troops in Iraq.

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but true talent instantly recognizes genius. – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

DemCell up there points out that absent any party infrastructural prodding, at least, absent any visible dictates from the Powers That Be, the Democratic leaders are starting to organize around this. That may not seem like much on a day when Republicans were able to quickly subsume Tom Delay’s resignation behind some situation with a Congresswoman nobody’s ever heard of, but let’s face it, Cynthia McKinney is a morning-show, gossipy-tabloidy type story. People care because people are trivial-minded assholes who like to snipe about stuff they don’t know anything about and use stories like this to say they’re well-informed, but nobody cares enough to go to the polls over it. In a month there’ll be some new Democratic outrage over somebody nobody’s ever heard of. Yawn.

Iraq is going to be the issue in every election held until we’re out of there, and there’s nothing wrong with getting a jump on the next news cycle. There may be window-dressing over hating on immigrants the way hating on gays was curtains for the last go-round about who’s more scared of wolves than who (that’s what I think it was about, anyway, I was drinking pretty heavily in the final days), but it’s gonna be security and the war again. As well it probably should be, we’re not exactly safe or anything, the war’s not going well, and bin Laden’s still running around.

It’s craven, and it’s depressing, that right now Democrats really can’t go wrong talking about Iraq. It’s a no-lose subject for them, because it’s a lose-lose subject for the Republican party. They can spin and spin and spin, but the bodies are piling up. People see the violence. And no amount of bullshit from Michelle Malkin and Ass Missile and their ilk is going to get people over the smoke and the coffins. It’s craven, and it’s depressing, because this war was wrong even when it was popular, but now it’s safe to speak up.

And it’s even more depressing that now that it is so safe, so few are speaking.

(To which point, by the by, there’s nothing about this idea I don’t love. Shut the House down!)