Thursday Night TV Rec: Frozen Four, Bitches!

I’ll be the girl way the hell up in the last row in the highest point of the Bradley Center, head to toe in Badger Red, screaming my damn fool head off, swinging a rubber chicken around.

Maybe you’ll see me on TV.

Oh, and confidential to the Gopher fan who came around about a month ago talking trash about the WCHA tournament: Damn, I can’t wait to see you guys in the Frozen … wait, never mind. Well, at least you won the WCHA champion … ah, forget I said that. At the very least, you beat Wisconsin for the number two WCHA spot … whoops. At the very, very least, you made it through the first NCAA round … no, no, that’s right, you didn’t.

At the very, very, very least, you big upright chipmunk, your players can have fun watching the game on TV!