Spring Forward: Gardening Edition

Last summer, I grew tomatoes on the back porch. Little roma tomatoes, and every time one was ripe, a squirrel came up and took a big honkin’ bite out of it. I pondered tying Stripe to the post outside so he could guard the plants, but the squirrels around here are the size of beavers and I was afraid one of them would win. I never did eat a single tomato off that plant.

Urban gardening is funny. I’ve seen ads for those upside-down stands that help you grow carrots and radishes on your patio, but we have a farmer’s market nearby so it’s kind of not worth the expense for a few sickly veggies that won’t ripen. I’d love a lemon tree, but it doesn’t get warm enough, I don’t think. So I’m confined to my six window boxes and pots on the floor.

Lettuce grew well in a box, so I’m going to do that again, and cilantro, sage, rosemary, and some lavendar. Despite the fact that it attracts bees.

What are you all planting this year?