Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

More inarticulate gems, this time from Chimpy’s appearance at Johns Hopkins University.

Unheeded Advice

And my first advice is, never use force until you’ve exhausted all diplomacy. I — my second advice is, if you ever put anybody in harm’s way, make sure they have got all the support of the government. My third advice is, don’t make decisions on polls. Stand your ground if you think what you’re doing right.

Complete, Blithering Nonsense

Much of my decision about what we’re discussing these days was affected by an event.

The Presidency Is No Place for a Smart person

We’re a influential nation, and so, therefore, many problems come to the Oval Office. And you don’t know what those problems are going to be, which then argues for having smart people around. That’s why you ought to serve in government if you’re not going to be the President. You have a chance to influence policy by giving good recommendations to the President.

Complete, Blithering Nonsense – Electric Bugaloo

And I think it’s to my interest, by the way, that not everybody agree all the time. You can’t make good decisions unless there’s a little — kind of a little agitation in there. And sometimes we have.

Return of Complete, Blithering Nonsense

I appreciate that very much. I wasn’t kidding — I was going to — I pick up the phone and say, Mr. Secretary, I’ve got an interesting question. This is what delegation — I don’t mean to be dodging the question, although it’s kind of convenient in this case, but never — I really will — I’m going to call the Secretary and say you brought up a very valid question, and what are we doing about it? That’s how I work. I’m — thanks.

Only When Laura Is Home

Well — I take protest seriously. I mean, I — by the way, I get protested all the time.

This Dog Won’t Fly

A while ago at a press conference, I remember uttering one wonderful piece of wisdom, it’s like a dog chasing his tail. It actually didn’t fly that good.

Complete, Blithering Nonsense Strikes Again

However, there’s a — South Korea and America has committed ourselves to the peace that comes, or the balance that comes with the U.S. force presence there in South Korea, although it’s been reduced, as well. We did not reduce force; we reduced manpower, as you probably know since you study it.

Prostitution is Condi’s Department

Q Good morning, President Bush. I also feel very strongly about freedom, although I see it in terms of human trafficking. Your administration takes a very strong stance against prostitution. Because of that you do not disperse funds to a lot of very effective NGOs around the world who pragmatically combat sex trafficking by working with existing prostitution networks. There’s no evidence right now that proves either legalizing prostitution or criminalizing prostitution has any effect in the change of sex-trafficking cases. Have you considered changing your ideas about prostitution for the purposes of helping either save or keep people from being enslaved in sex prostitution?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I appreciate it. I’m — it sounds like I’m dodging here, but, again, you know more about this subject than I, and I will be glad to call Condi and talk to her about our policy. I thought we had a very robust strategy on exploitation of women and children, particularly around the world. I think I addressed this subject at the United Nations and was the only world leader to do. But as specifically about our position on prostitution, I’m going to have to talk to the Secretary about it.

Son of Complete, Blithering Nonsense

I believe they’re bound — these folks are bound by an ideology. I know that they have got desires. They say it. This is one of — this is a different — this is a war in which the enemy actually speaks out loud. You heard the letter I wrote — read from — they didn’t speak out loud on this one, but nevertheless, it’s a — we’ve got to take their word seriously.

Ward, I think You’re Being Too Hard On The Beaver

AGOA, for example, is a free trade agreement with Africa. President Clinton passed it. I was more than happy to sign its extension, and we’ve been very hard in implementing it on the recognition that trade is a vital way for — to help people get their economies up and running.

What’s An “Integral”?

Economic development provides hope. And so, you bet. It’s an integral of our policy.

Too Many Talking Points For One Tiny Brain

I think we need to be — understand that we’re a nation of immigrants, that we ought to be compassionate about this debate and provide a — obviously, we’ve got to secure the border and enforce the law.

We’re Constant Dialogue

And so we got to be wise about how we convince others to understand the importance of freedom. But we’re — I can just assure you that we’re constant dialogue.

The Valley Girl President

And so we’re in a world where everything is like supposed to happen that way.

He Also Has A Prehensile Tail

I’ve got a pretty good antennae. I’m able to — see, I get a pretty good sense of how people are trending.