New Poll on Iran –48% would support military action

From Scout:

A new LA Times/Bloomberg Poll asks:

“If Iran continues to produce material that can be used to develop nuclear weapons, would you support or oppose the U.S. taking military action against Iran?”




But given what they know now only 12% think Iran would be “stopped through military action” from getting nuclear weapons. 61% think Iran “will get nuclear weapons anyway.” 15% think Iran will be “stopped through diplomacy.”12% are unsure.

When asked:

“”Generally speaking, do you trust George W. Bush to make the right decision about whether we should go to war with Iran, or not?””

Do Not Trust……… 54%

Trust………………. 42%

Unsure……………….4% .

Finally this question:

“”Has the war in Iraq made you more or less supportive of U.S. military action against Iran?””

More Supportive……..17%

Less Supportive………40%

Has Not influenced…..38%


So according to this about half would support military action but only 12% think military action will achieve its goal.

(my questions after the cut)

From Scout:

I honestly do not know how to respond to this. I have many questions regarding people’s motives to take military action given so few see it bringing the stated results. Are their motives based on fear, anger, aggression, punishment? Drunk on power? Uninformed? They want oil or the geopolitical restructuring of the Middle East? Are they hopeless and resigned to having to do it?

The snarky part of me has this question It’s premised on the assumption that the 12% that believe military action would stop Iran are part of the 48% supporting military action which of course may not be accurate as one could think military action would work but not worth doing. But if you’ll indulge me in my assumption (hey we’re facing using nukes how much damge can I do) the 12% may be right or wrong, but at least seem reasoned in their position. So 36% evidently have something in mind other than reasoned results. 36% is a familiar number…I’m thinking Ponies….I’m thinking The Base. Similar numbers….38% are not influenced by the Iraq fiasco and 42% still trust Bush to take us into war. Based on all of the above and the gravity of the consequences of attacking Iran I ask…. Is a solid third of this country bat shit crazy for Bush or just plain old bat shit crazy?

That may have been a long road to what is a rhetorical question for many but this is crazy serious and serious crazyness. The bigger question is what to do about it? These people should not be driving the bus.