Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Your president took his Medicare snake-oil show to Annandale, Virginia, yesterday.

Sounds Like the Prescription Drug Program Is a Miserable Failure

Twenty-nine people have signed up. There are 6 million people who have got a job and they don’t need the Medicare.

Several Medium-Sized Words, Actually

Okay, so here’s the way this works. You’re the President, you say to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, “Make sure the plan gets implemented.” That’s called “delegation.” He then turns to another guy, who happens to be a Texan named Dr. Mark McClellan. He’s the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It’s a long word for he’s in charge of making sure people know what’s available.

Crankiest Talk Show Host In The West

THE PRESIDENT: Now, Qien He is with us. Qien, where were you born — yes, I know where you are. Where were you born?

DR. HE: I was born in China.

THE PRESIDENT: Isn’t that interesting. Now he is a part of making sure that people realize the opportunities of Medicare. Born whereabouts in China?

DR. HE: Okay. First of all, on behalf of Asian —

THE PRESIDENT: No, where were you born in China?

DR. HE: In China, in Beijing.

THE PRESIDENT Beijing. See, I’m asking the questions.

Not Laura’s Kind Of Grass

And what he’s really saying is, his job is to convince a neighbor to help a neighbor. That’s called grassroots. That’s what — it’s kind of an odd word, maybe, for some to understand. It means at the local level, that people are willing to help somebody who needs help.

Using Friendly Drugs Again

THE PRESIDENT: So you’ve been looking around at these things, taking a look. You find it okay? I mean, you’re a computer guy, so it’s a little unfair to say whether — you know, whether or not —

MR. NAKAMOTO: We’re okay with that.

THE PRESIDENT: Using friendly — it’s user-friendly.


THE PRESIDENT: Yes. See, we try to design this program so it’s called, “user friendly.” That means you can get on there if you’re — you don’t have to be a computer genius like Bob, and take a look.


THE PRESIDENT: Your advice is? Retire and get on it.


THE PRESIDENT: Well, not retire, but when retire.