DHS says Brownie was right in claim…so Chertoff was wrong

From Scout:

Remember In February when Michael Brown testified before Congress and claimed the Department of Homeland Security was more interested in terrorism than natural disasters ….

“If we’d confirmed that a terrorist had blown up the 17th St. Canal levee, then everybody would have jumped all over that and been trying to do everything they could…. But because this was a natural disaster, that has become the stepchild within the Department of Homeland Security.

Which Michael Chertoff then strongly denied

“I unequivocally and strongly reject this attempt to drive a wedge between our concerns about terrorism and our concerns about natural disasters.”

Well DHS internal watchdog has deicided Brown was right after all…..

WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department’s focus on terrorist threats left it unprepared to deal with a natural disaster on the scale of Hurricane Katrina, the agency’s internal watchdog says.

“After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, (Homeland Security’s) prevention and preparedness for terrorism have overshadowed that for natural hazards, both in perception and in application,” says a report being released Friday by Inspector General Richard L. Skinner.