First the Meeting, Then the Whores

The obligatory blogger ethics, blogger ethics battle cry:

The News learned that Page Six writer Chris Wilson was treated to a long-weekend junket in California’s Napa Valley last June, courtesy of Jaguar North America.

The junket included round-trip airfare, meals, drinks, his hotel stay, and the opportunity to drive vintage Jaguars around the Napa Valley, according to Anne Kleinert, a spokeswoman for Jaguar.

You know, not for nothing, but I’d really like somebody to come along and make me an offer to go to Napa with his or her credit card. I command the attention of at least a half a dozen people on a daily basis, four of whom may be my mother posting under pseudonyms, but the other two could be influential world leaders and shit. I think that deserves a little attempted bribery, and frankly, I’m becoming annoyed that no attractive offers like this have come my way.

What’s the use of being an ethics-free unhinged moonbat on the interwebs if I can’t leverage it into swilling pinot someplace on the Energizer Bunny’s dime?