Sucking the Bugman Dry

From Holden:

Tom DeLay is spending his legal defense fund money faster than he is taking it in.

He raised $314,435 between January and March while awaiting trial on the Texas charges and spent $312,465, most of it on legal fees. In the previous three months, he raised $182,000 and spent $239,000.


DeLay paid $280,000 to lawyers, with $125,000 going to the Dallas office of the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani and $110,000 to Dick DeGuerin, a Houston attorney.

He spent about $18,000 on a Washington fundraiser.

Let’s see, during October through December he raised $182,000 and spent $239,000, leaving him $57,000 in the red. From January to March he raised $314,435 and spent $312,465, leaving him with $1,070 for that period. But for the entire six-month period he’s in the hole to the tune of $55,930.

Woe, DeLay spends his legal defense fund like it was your tax dollars!