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From Holden:

Evangelicals losing faith in Chimpy.

Approval for President George W. Bush among white evangelical Protestants, his most loyal supporters, has fallen to a new low, with nearly half agreeing in a new poll that they are “tired of all of the problems associated with the Bush administration”.


Although a majority of evangelicals still back him, their approved has declined at the same rate as the rest of the public.

According to Pew, 55 per cent of white evangelicals approve of Mr Bush, down from the start of his second term when he had 72 per cent approval ratings; 35 per cent have an unfavourable view of Mr Bush, against 21 per cent of evangelical voters in October 2004.


In the immigration debate, for example, white evangelicals took the hardest line of any religious group towards immigrants, with 63 per cent agreeing that newcomers posed a threat to traditional American values, compared with 39 per cent of seculars.