Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

He’s still in Florida, still pushing his Medicare debacle.

And he still has a bad case of the Has-Gots.

That wasn’t the case in the old plan, as you might remember. The new plan has got stop-loss; it’s got catastrophic care.

He’s NEVER wrong

THE PRESIDENT: Where do you live?

MR. NAVARRO: I live in Tavares, Florida.

THE PRESIDENT: Very good, right around the corner.

MR. NAVARRO: About 45 minutes.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it’s a large corner.

Mommie Never Held Him As A Baby

THE PRESIDENT: One of the things people have got to understand — Pete, by the way, is not eligible for Medicare yet, just in terms of age. You’re 59?

MR. NAVARRO: Fifty-nine, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: So am I. I blame my gray hair on my mother. I don’t know who you blame yours on.


MR. ORTIZ: I also — one of the most difficult patients that I had was my mom.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I know the feeling. Does she tell you what to do?

MR. ORTIZ: Yes. For her, I’m the baby, I’m not a pharmacist.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, well, I know the feeling, as well. Join the “aggressive mothers club.”

A Rare Moment of Self-Awareness

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Now, I know it sounds too good to be true, like if I had said it, everybody would have said, well, I think he’s just — you know — just talking.

Desert Camouflage Hat-tip to P. O’Neill for the link.