Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

Hey, the White House finally removed Little Scottie’s pudgy mug from the Press Breifings Page (thanks to Mike for the heads-up). But, what’s this? They replaced Scottie’s photo with an image of a microphone. They stole my logo! Fuckers.

Dana Peroxide was pinch-pitching for the still-too-chickenshit-to-gaggle Pony Blow today.

The travel pool was most interested in today’s big NSA snooping story, a subject Ms. Peroxide tried to run from but failed to escape.

Q What bothers you about this USA Today story today? What bothers the White House about the USA Today story?

MS. PERINO: Well, you heard from the President. He is not confirming or denying existence of the details of that story. What he felt it was important to do today was tell the American people what the federal government is and is not doing to protect them from possible terror attacks. He wanted to tell them that the government is acting responsibly and lawfully in all of our intelligence activities.

No more questions?

Q Should the FCC look at whether they should fine these telephone companies for turning over these records?

MS. PERINO: I’d have to refer you to the FCC; I don’t have a comment on that at this point.

Can you imagine the Bush Assministration fining AT&T, etc., for turning over telephone records to the Bush Assministration? Neither can I, as that would involve adhering to the law.

Rest easy, America, Chimpy may be spying on your each and every call, but he’s really not interested in them.

Q If you’re fiercely protecting Americans’ rights to privacy, why would you need a database of tens of millions of American phone call records?

MS. PERINO: Well, not confirming or denying or acknowledging the substance of the story this morning in USA Today, what the President said today, all intelligence activities of the United States are limited and targeted and focused solely on al Qaeda and al Qaeda’s affiliates. They are the enemy.

The government has no interest in knowing what innocent Americans are talking about on their domestic phone calls. So if you are calling to make reservations at a restaurant, and if you are calling your daughter at college, or if you are calling to plan your wedding, the government has no interest in knowing about those calls. The government is interested in finding out if al Qaeda is planning an attack in America — you can bet that we want to make sure that we get ahead of that to prevent that and to save lives.

A “no comment” from Dana means “yes”.

Q Was there any effort to get USA Today to not run the story?

MS. PERINO: I’m not going to comment on that.