What will we tell the Corner Kids?

From Scout:

Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief has a great post on the NOLA mayoral race. Conservatives are pushing Nagin but not because he’s the right guy to lead post Katrina New Orleans. Oh far from it….

In New Orleans’ first election since Katrina, Republicans are working to reelect Mayor Ray Nagin.

Beg your pardon?

I said, many Republicans believe Ray Nagin should be reelected Mayor of New Orleans. They want him to lead New Orleans for the next four years, and some are doing everything they can to assist this effort. According to the Gambit Weekly “several sources say former Gov. Mike Foster… has been working behind the scenes to drum up Republican support — and money — for Nagin as part of an organized GOP move to weaken the state’s Democratic infrastructure, which would help Jindal in his expected bid for governor next year.”

So: Republicans want to reelect Ray Nagin because it will hurt Democrats, and help Bobby Jindal statewide in 2007. They would reelect someone that most (conservatives) view as an incompetent embarrassment, because defeating Mitch Landrieu is more important to them than what’s best for New Orleans, a city reeling from catastrophe. GOP political objectives must come first, and if that means sabotaging New Orleans– and exacerbating the national perception that we are hopeless, stupid and not worth helping– well, then, so much the worse for the Crescent City.

The same Bush pioneers who donated to Ray Nagin’s campaign have set up PACs advertising against Nagin in the rest of the state. Adrastos correctly terms it a “devious double game”. GOPers are trying to reelect Nagin because he can serve as a weak, useful idiot. What’s bad for New Orleans is good for the state GOP. (It should be noted that Nagin was a Republican until switching parties right before running for mayor 4 years ago. He donated money to Bush and endorsed Jindal. Yet, apparently he obediently serves as a Democratic whipping post for Republicans around the state, just as long as they quietly fund his candidacy for mayor of New Orleans.)

There’s more and Oyster does a great job pulling posts/links from conservative media sources after Katrina struck “to highlight the hypocrisy of conservatives who would support Nagin.” Included in the round-up are the NRO Corner Kids who called for Nagin to fire himself or resign. I notice the silence is deafening now at The Corner regarding the possible re-election of Nagin. Just what is a Corner Kid to do when the hypocrisy is deeper and murkier than Katrina sludge?