Tall In The Middle and Round on Both Ends

From Holden:

Sherrod Brown overtakes incumbent senator Mike DeWine in the latest Rasmussen Poll.

Ohio Congressman Sherrod Brown (D) holds a three-point lead over incumbent Senator Mike DeWine (R).

Brown is up 44% to 41% and that’s the first time he’s been ahead in any of the six Ohio polls Rasmussen Reports has conducted for Election 2006 (see crosstabs).

The 44% level of support for Brown is his highest of the season. DeWine has lost ground in four straight polls since peaking at 46% in mid-February.


When Ohio voters are asked which party they trust more on five key issues, national security is the only one where the GOP comes out on top. Democrats are trusted more on immigration, the economy, energy policy and the War in Iraq.

President Bush’s numbers in the state are atrocious. Just 25% give him good or excellent marks for handling both the immigration issue and energy policy.

However, the President’s numbers are stronger than Ohio Governor Robert Taft (R). Just 2% of the state’s voters “Strongly Approve” of Taft’s job performance while 55% “Strongly Disapprove.”