Katrina Death Toll Rises..

From Scout:

Generally in the press I see the Katrina death toll put at 1300, as seen here today.

However the State of Louisiana now reports “there have been 1,577 deceased victims of Hurricane Katrina from Louisiana.”

The Katrina death toll from MS, Fl, GA and AL is 256. The total Katrina death toll would then be 1833

One possible explanation for the discrepancy between the numbers reported by the press and states is that the press does not count the 480 LA victims who died out of the state of LA following Katrina though LA officials consider these Katrina deaths.* (see update)

In addition there undoubtably were hundreds more killed which would could put the toll over 2000*(see update) Louisiana still has 315 missing. And Robert Lindsay reports receiving an email from Pat Fitzpatrick, hurricane expert at Mississippi State University, in April, which included this….

Still, there are estimates that a few hundred more are dead, with most swept out to sea and probably will never be found.

*UPDATE: Out of state deaths are still under review…..

Dr. Louis Cataldie, State Medical Examiner, reemphasized that it will only be after further review of each out-of-state death certificate that a final determination can be made of whether or not the deaths are storm-related.

“Therefore, sometime in the future, these numbers likely will be revised,” he explained.