The Stupid

It burns us:

Pseudonyms are famous for boosting creativity by freeing writers from constraints, whether self-imposed or external. I’m in favor of writers doing what they must to craft their best work and give it an audience. Anonymous blogging is a different animal. Those who post anonymously often do so to insult or to say things that they would be ashamed to say in person or under their own name. Anonymous blogging gives voice to human nature’s most embarrassing impulses. That’s why anonymous bloggers are mortified when they’re outed.

So pseudonyms are fine. Except when they’re used to say mean things about my friends or me online. While doing this thing the kids call “bloggering.” Then they’re awful and unjustifiable, and every blogger is anonymous because they’re hateful, even knitting bloggers. They hate knitting and spew their knitting hate online. So they’re anonymous, except when they’re outed, after which they’re humiliated. And outed. And pseudonymous. Got that?

My university had a class in its liberal arts area called “critical thinking.” As a student, I remember wondering why on earth anyone would need such a class.

I don’t wonder anymore.