Condi….Take That 60% Out for a Fox Spin

From Scout:

While Bush and Rumsfeld will make no promise on troop withdrawal Condi Rice was on Fox News yesterday alluding to troop drawdown talks between Iraq and US forces. Yet on Friday CNN reported a call for reinforcements to Ramadi and Stars and Stripes reported Sunday that reinforcement troops from an Armored Division will be moving forward into Iraq from Kuwait

First Rice on Sunday

Bush repeatedly has refused to give a timetable for troop withdrawal, saying Iraqis must first take over security for their country. U.S. military commanders will meet with the Iraqi government over the next few weeks, Rice said.

“They will come up with plans that include what remains to be done, what role Iraqi forces can play in that, what role coalition forces still need to play,” she said.

“It is premature before we’ve even had this discussion with the Iraqi government to start giving firm commitments on what the drawdown will look like,” Rice said on “Fox News Sunday.

Yet Stars and Stripes reported Sunday…..

Troops with the Baumholder, Germany-based 1st Armored Division 2nd Brigade are expected to be sent from Kuwait to Baghdad as the new Iraqi government is seated, according to a defense official.


Troops with the 1st Armored Division have been stationed in Kuwait since November as a “call-forward force,” to supplement troops in Iraq as needed.

And on Friday CNN reported reinforcements being moved into Ramadi …..

Commanders are sending what they call significant reinforcement to the city of Ramadi and Al Anbar Province after two weeks of heavy fighting with insurgents. All of this comes days after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he cannot promise to withdraw large numbers of our troops from Iraq this year.

Rice’s allusory talk of a drawdown is misleading and dishonest coming at a time when reinforcements are being sent INTO Iraq and Bush and Rumsfeld won’t even touch the topic. Of course it probably falls upon Rice to buck up the Fox folks given the approval ratings in Fox polls for Bush and Rumsfeld are at 38% and 35% respectively. Let Condi run her 60% Fox approval rating into the ground. Or so I hope as it would be most deserved.