Status on the Search for Bodies in New Orleans

From Scout:

From CNN last night:

His trainer, Captain Kerry Foster, leads a search inside homes, amid debris, until determining what Ranger may smell is the scent of one of the many bodies already recovered.

CAPTAIN KERRY FOSTER, SEARCH TEAM: There are fluids left, and the scent is still there.

SANCHEZ: It’s what makes this search so difficult, so imperfect. There may be a body here somewhere. There may not be. This search team, which has already been scaled down from 15 members to six, may soon be dissolved. But even then, even years from now, experts say there will be still bodies found?

FOSTER: I believe so, yes.

Later in the piece Anderson Cooper interviewed the Louisiana State Medical Examiner, Dr. Louis Cataldie, who stated there are still 217 missing….

COOPER: And it’s very possible a good number of those people may never be found?

CATALDI: It’s very possible.

COOPER: Because — I mean, why?

CATALDI: There are several variables. Number one, I believe there are probably still people in some of these ruins that you’ve seen.

COOPER: So in the debris out there somewhere there may still be people?

CATALDI: I believe that there are. It would be foolish to think that they’re not. I believe that people may have been washed out into the waterways. And, of course, there are those individuals who may not want to be found, but ultimately will be found. (all emphasis mine)

FEMA is not conducting searches anymore. The local municipalities are doing the work but will be reimbursed by FEMA.

I have great respect for the people and the dogs who have done this work over the last 9 months. They must go through much training and expense. They spend thousands out of their own pocket each year. It’s an awful job and they deserve credit but I suspect they would rather have the necessary support to get the job done.

217 still missing, bodies still being found, and remains left to rot in debris. How can this be acceptable in America?