Hannity won’t hear of it

From Scout:

News Hounds has a report on a Hannity & Colmes piece that aired Friday night. It featured an interview by Colmes with Howard Dean doing recovery work in New Orleans 9th ward on April 21.(for story and pics from democrats.org) I’m not sure why this was aired now in June but Hannity attacked Dean and showed no empathy for what isn’t happening in the 9th Ward…..

Colmes added that “all these months later” there is still no electricity, still no traffic lights. “So what do we do?”

[Dean:] “If we were in charge, we’d have the National Guard in here, with an enormous amount of federal support. We’d have a FEMA that actually works for people and we’d be restoring all this. Look, it’s not rocket science to do this. You need organization, you need resources, but mostly what you need are organization. You know, you cannot blame the local and the state for this. This is so big. This is the equivalent of the San Francisco fire a hundred years ago. When something like this happens, the buck stops with the federal government. We simply need a federal government that’s competent and qualified so this kind of stuff doesn’t happen again. We can’t stop hurricanes, Alan, but we can sure clean up after them better than this.”


Live in the studio again, Hannity refused to allow Colmes to talk about what he had seen in New Orleans. Hannity tapped his pen against his hand and said in his bullyboy voice: “Photo op. Couple hours pushing a wheelbarrow, politicizing a tragedy. That’s it… When has he ever been back?”


Colmes tried to argue. “That’s not at all what happened… These pictures don’t do justice to how horrible it is in the Ninth Ward and you can see that nothing’s been done.”

Hannity turned away from Colmes and cut him off. “Photo op,” the bullyboy voice said.

During the final portion of the show, Colmes brought it up again. “By the way, it was not a photo op. You know what would have made a photo op for Howard Dean? If he had said ‘Mission Accomplished.’ Then, he would have had a photo op.”

Here is a link at Fox News for the Colmes interview with Dean (no Hannity comments included in this)

News Hounds gives an email address for Hannity in case “you’d like to ask Hannity how many times HE’S been to New Orleans’ Ninth Ward to help out”