Bush Lays Egg

On CNN before Bush’s gay marriage address, NPR political editor Rudin was on and on about how Bush’s support for the amendment was an appeal specifically to the socially conservative base that feels abandoned by Bush since Bush hasn’t salted the Mexican border with landmines and started burning gays at the stake.

So how did the base like it?

I think consenting adults should be free to enter into whatever marital contract they please, as long as no physical harm or other crime is committed. Securing the nation’s borders is, however, probably the main task of any government. It’d be nice if this government got around to performing this task.


The Constitution is supposed to be about government behavior, not personal behavior. The attempt to change/outlaw one form of personal behavior was thumpingly reversed in a little more than a decade. Why do you want to change the focus of the Constitution?


I often wonder how I ended up with three kids. I guess it was before all this gay marriage talk. Actually the real reason I am against the amendment is more to do with government interference than gay marriage, but either way it does not bother me or my wife and somehow my three kids are surviving as well. I really feel horrible about some people who worry about it and stay up at night consummed with angst. I also laugh about the stories that doom is coming with the people marrying their dogs and cats and snakes and horses and even dolphins (someone posted a picture of the ceremony on our conservative site). I found it a hoot. Believe me, I am conservative as the next guy, but when you go to great lengths as that then I just have to laugh.


ModerateGOOPer = Rino = traitor. I need say no more.


I think it’s an attempt to distract us from their spending and the amnesty. They know we’re mad as hell about both. You have to wonder how stupid they think we are. Then you think about your fellow-voters and wonder if they might be right about the voters.

So, big hit.