Must Have Photo

From Holden:

One sure way to get me to believe that god exists would be for me to get my hands on the photo described below.

Amid the sweaty crowds at Red Belly Day, bypassing the gospel singers, the funnel cakes and the belly-flop contest in the Suwannee River, the true believers find their way to Rep. Katherine Harris.

They offer up their loyalty, their votes, their view that her fellow Republicans should be giving her more support. “Aren’t people sweet?” the Sarasota congresswoman asks as she dispenses hugs.


Harris likes tight clothing. Jim Dornan, her former campaign manager, compares it to debutante attire. “It’s not the type of dress a U.S. senator should or would wear,” he says. She wore a tight peach sweater to Red Belly Day, a festival named for a local fish, and sucked on a lollipop. “Oh, no,” aide Brian Brooks said as a photographer snapped pictures.