Tricky Dick Better Get Busy

From Holden:

Richard Nixon better rise from his tomb and start eating brains, otherwise Chimpy is gonna pass him.

President Bush’s approval ratings among Californians continue to drop, hitting another new low in a statewide poll released Sunday.

The Field Poll showed only 28 percent of voters approve of Bush’s job performance – the lowest rating any president has received in the state in three decades. Sixty-five percent of voters disapprove of the job he’s doing, while 7 percent have no opinion.

The majority of state Republicans still support Bush, with 59 percent approving of his job performance.


The lowest approval rating a president has received since the Field Poll began measuring it in the 1970s was Richard Nixon’s 24 percent approval in August 1974, shortly before his resignation.

The poll also showed that 64 percent of voters believe the country is seriously off on the wrong track; 28 percent say it’s generally going in the right direction, and 8 percent have no opinion.

California voters also hold a negative view of Congress, with only 23 percent approving of its performance and 64 percent disapproving, researchers found.