A Tat for a Tit

From Scout:

So says Oyster from Your Right Hand Thief who takes a look at his Senator’s support of the anti-gay marriage amendment. That would be Senator Vitter AKA “Vitty-Cent”…

For a legislator representing a state hit by catastrophes, Vitter sure is spending a lot of time slamming illegal immigrants and gays who “threaten” marriage. For someone fresh out of marriage counseling, Vitter sure has balls to co-sponsor a federal “Marriage Protection Amendment” to the Constitution.

YRHT asks: Senator Vitter, do you know what will protect marriage far more than this stupid, destined-to-fail amendment? Do ya? Well-built levees! Divorce skyrocketed after the faulty levees broke and thousands of lives were upturned; but you won’t hear Vitter talk about Category 5 levees as much as he’ll talk about preventing gays from marrying.

But if Vitty-cent thinks preventing immigration and gay marriage are the most important discussions for Louisianans to be having right now, then YRHT is ready to indulge him.

Do read the rest as Oyster certainly does some indulging on Vitty-Cent’s assault on a woman at a town hall meeting when she asked about gay issues and also the threat by Vitty-Cent’s wife to cut off his organ if he ever cheated.