Pew and Pony Both Start With ”P”

From Holden:

There’s a new Pew Poll out today and Chimpy managed to reach yet another All-Time Low. Highlights:

Bush Approval Rating: 33% (down from previous low of 35%)

Approval Rating in the South: 36%

Among White Evangelical Protestants: 55%

Among Moderate Republicans: 56%

Among Conservative Republicans: 78%

Among Hispanics: 29%

Pew notes a precipitous decline in support from Chimpy’s core since their December 2004 poll:

While the decline in support transcends ideological and demographic lines, the drop among one group – moderate Republicans – has been especially steep. Among all Republicans, Bush’s job approval rating has dropped 20 percentage points since December 2004 (from 89% to 69%). This erosion of support has been most severe among Republicans describing themselves as moderate or liberal, where his rating has dropped 25 points from 81% to 56%.

Conservative Republican support for Bush has also declined, but more gradually. Approval among this group was nearly unanimous (93%) following his re-election, and stands 15 points lower at 78% today.

But there are far more conservatives than moderates in the GOP; as many as two-thirds of Republicans identify themselves as conservative. This means that even though the drop off in their support has been more gradual, the implications are no less serious. Translated into real numbers, just as many conservative Republicans as moderate and liberal Republicans have grown frustrated with the president’s leadership over the past year-and-a-half. While a much larger share of moderate and liberal Republicans disapprove of the president, they make up only a minority of the GOP.


Even white evangelical Protestants, a traditional Republican constituency, are expressing more dissatisfaction with the president today. Barely half (55%) of white Evangelicals now approve of the job Bush is doing, down from 77% following the 2004 election.


In the South, where Bush is viewed most favorably, his job approval has dropped 20 points from 56% to 36%. In the Northeast, where he has had the least support throughout his presidency, approval has fallen 12 points from 39% to 27% today.

The percent of Hispanics who approve of Bush’s performance in office is down from 45% to 29% since the election, and African-Americans continue to view Bush very negatively.

I’ve updated the list of the Chimpsters current All-Time Low poll numbers (in a whopping eleven national polls!), find it by clicking Read More.

From Holden:

ABC News/Washington Post: 33%

American Research Group (ARG): 34%

American Research Group (ARG): 32%

AP/Ipsos: 33%

CBS News: 33%

No longer an all-time low. CBS News: 35%

CNN: 32%

UPDATE: Chimpy leaps up to 34% in the latest CNN poll.

Diageo/Hotline: 37%

Fox News: 33%

Chimpy surges in the latest Fox News poll to 38%, so that Pony Blow appointment must be paying off already.

So much for that bounce, Chimpy is back down to 35% accoridng to Fox.

Harris Interactive: 29%

NBC/Wall Street Journal: 36%

Newsweek: 35%

Pew Research: 33%

Quinnipiac: 35%

USA Today/Gallup: 34%

USA Today/Gallup: 31%

Zogby: 32%